What is Network Spinal Analysis and how is it different from traditional chiropractic?
What is a typical visit to the Zen Wellness Center like?
What kind of results can I expect right away?
What conditions/symptoms can you help with?

What scientific evidence do you have that your method works?
How is the Zen Wellness Center different from other health facilities in Montreal?
I've suffered from back pain for years. What would you suggest?
I've suffered from headaches for years. I've tried a number of doctors in Montreal, but none of the medications they've prescribed have helped. Can you help?
Between trying to run my company and trying to spend quality time with my family, I'm finding it overwhelming. How can your programs help relieve me of this stress?
I work at a computer all day and I have constant neck pain. Can you help with this?
This all sounds good, but how much will it cost?
How can I be sure that your office will be a good fit for me?