Maximize your health, quality of life and express your full potential 

In 1994, a study was made at the University of Irvine in California on Network Spinal Analysis.  Results showed a significant improvement in the following areas:

  1. More energy, less pain, more flexibility
  2. Better body awareness
  3. Inner peace, calm
  4. Better overall quality of life

Read the following options and choose the one that best fits your objectives.


Our goal in this initial phase of care  is to increase the connection between  your brain and your body in order for your nervous system to release the areas of stress and tension in your body, that have accumulated throughout the years. The expected benefits are:

  • Objective, measurable decrease of tension  in your body
  • Better and more restful sleep
  • Higher and more consistent energy levels
  • Pain relief
  • Considerable drop in stress and anxiety
  • Improved nervous system function
    • Better digestion
    • Better intestinal function
    • Better immune system function
    • Better breathing
  •  and much more…

Discover care will improve your quality of life on the short and medium term.  To avoid a reoccurrence of the concern or symptom and to have more profound, sustainable changes, transform care is essential.


Transform care goes deeper to reorganize and optimize nervous system function and create sustainable, lasting change.  It allows you to self-regulate tension in your body, and refines the way you react to stress.  Some of the benefits are.

  • Increase in body awareness, guiding you to what is right for you or not in your environment
  • Better stress management
  • Better adaptability to change
  • Access to reclaiming your personal power
  • Better capacity to take charge and responsibility for your life
  • Taking action and creating change
  • Better access to your creative energy
  • Better mind/body/spirit alignment
  • Gradually help you connect to who you really are
  • Less need for medications
  • Anchor the changes from discover care into the body
  • And much more!

The transform programs includes discover care.


Awaken care is for those who wish to connect to the vibration of the heart, giving access to a deeper experience of love, gratitude and joy of living.  If you wish to live at your best, maximize your potential and be vibrant and healthy, awaken care is for you:

  • Better connection to your inner voice
  • Feel love, gratitude and joy on a more regular basis
  • Experience living with an open heart
  • Vibrate at better frequency, to have the law of attraction work more favorably
  • Better inner well being