I would like to tell you how Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) has helped me. After a few appointments I felt better. I have more concentration at work, so I can be more efficient. I am also less stressed and I sleep really well and deeper.

Magalie Provost

The treatments and consultations are always provided in a very caring and friendly manner leaving you with a feeling of peace and affirmation that you and your questions/issues/situation have been understood.

Kamelia Georgieva

Over the past several months I have been following the NSA program under Dr. Giannou’s care and have found it to be a very powerful way to open the Energy Channels of my body and help in my healing process.

Bernie Shalinsky

First and foremost my all around health has improved. I am less fatigued in the morning and I have an increase of energy during the day. I had lower back pain for a long time and I had limited movement. With the help of Dr. Giannou I no longer suffer or have pain.

Chris Karmiris

What I love the most is that during and after a session, I feel very relaxed and all the pain and stress leaves my body instantly. I have also realized that my bosy is separate frome the real me. I breathe better, I have less pain and more flexibility. I also sleep better and handle stress better.

Michael Avramidis

Having been born with a condition called Multiple Congenital Musculoskeletal Abnormalities; both my hip sockets have been constructed and as such were not normally formed. Particularly in my right hip, I had limited mobility and flexibility.

Michael Lifshitz