Meet Dr. George Giannou, chiropractor.

img-georgeDr. George Giannou, chiropractor,  was born and raised in Montreal, from a french Canadian mother and a Greek father. He spent 5 years in Trois Rivières to complete his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2001. His interest in health, spirituality and the mind-body connection started in his late teens, after attending the World Youth Day in the Philippines in late 1994. He has since then travelled the world, met many spiritual and health masters, and now shares his knowledge and skills with the world.

He practiced 4 years of traditional chiropractic, and greatly perfected his skills, delivering over 25 000 chiropractic adjustments over that period. He has studied many chiropractic techniques, including Chiropractic Biophysics, Activator, Bio-Geometric Integration and more. His desire for a more holistic approach, integrating mind, body and spirit, led him to Network Spinal Analysis in 2005; he has been using this method exclusively ever since. He also completed a course  in chiropractic pediatrics (F.I.C.P.A.) and became in 2008 the first chiropractor in Montreal to achieve the highest certification in Network Spinal Analysis

Dr. George Giannou, chiropractor, was involved with Landmark Education for many years since taking his first course in 2003, and attained the title of Introduction Leader through his training with the organization. He trained in life coaching for over a year, using his leadership skills for the benefit of the members of the Zen Wellness Center.

Being a strong advocate in having a balanced life, Dr. George has co-created a goal setting group, where he strives to excellence in all areas: physical body, spiritual and mental health, social life, professional and family fulfillment. Soccer is a strong passion, Dr George plays weekly in competitive matches. He finds that setting an example with his own life allows him to fully contribute to the life of others.